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Mon-Fri: 8:00 до 23:00.

Saturday: 9:00 до 22:00.

Sunday: 9:00 до 22:00.

Moscow time.

Timetable for the adoption and execution of orders

All orders are processed during business hours Mon-Sun: 8:00 to 23: 00.

If you paid vposle 23:00 do not worry that your order do not, it will take to perform during working hours..

1. How to Pay?

Reply read information

2. Can I get banned after buying from you?

Reply We regularly check all the bugs for the ban. And no ban, we still were not. And before you start trading with new resources we test them on their accounts.

3. How long do I have to wait for an order?

Reply It all depends on the amount of resources and the complexity of the order, the details can refine Taking advantage of using online chat and Skype, let the order number and the operator will answer you the timing of its execution.

4. I did not wait for execution of the order and went to game.

Reply In this case, the order will be made later by repeating this situation, your order will be otmenen.Administratsiya site is not responsible for the improper behavior of the client.

5. I order the stones / banks / other resources are not on the server, whether they can be moved to the right?

Reply No. Administration of this site is not responsible for incorrectly filling in the fields when ordering.

6. How much is done for pre-order?

Reply Pre-order execution time is 31 days from the date of payment, it is useful when there are resources available but you do not and you can not order them when you are the resources that are no longer .tak is it useful for those who use to pay for SWIFT and WesternUnion, for receipt of money needs time.

Example 10 numbers are stones, you make payment for SWIFT payment, the money comes 12 numbers (dates of enrollment in 1-3 business days) and 12 of the stones are not budet.Polzuytes pre-order and you will receive a long-awaited time resources

7. Where is the guarantee that you will not deceive me?

ReplyWe have invested a lot of effort into the development of our project and site, not in order to trick and disappear.

8. I boasted chatting games bought stones and I was banned. You promised that the ban will not be!

Reply We do not accept Replystvennosti for bans received your fault. If you spread on the subject of buying stones, we do not assume Replystvennosti for the safety of your account.

9. I often wonder if whether in the presence of stones when there is a storm!

Reply If you have money and you are willing to spend on the game, and use the pre-order will receive desired more often than you go and do not know whether resources elsewhere)